4 Decent Gazebos You Can Buy with Confidence

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Lowest price Product: All Seasons Gazebos, 3x3m, Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof, PVC Coated, Premium Pop Up Gazebo With 4 x 100% waterproof Side Panels (Same quality as the roof) + Carry Bag With Wheels and 4 x leg weight bags. Choice of Colours - £249.99

Finding a decent 3×3 gazebo isn’t that difficult, is it?  

That comment was a little tongue in cheek,  as I understand it’s not easy finding a good pop up gazebo at an affordable price, that’s why you’re here and why I’ve written this guide.

Before writing this best gazebo review guide I did a quick search on google and saw how many people were searching camping, DIY and Mum forums asking these questions, check them out below.

UK Campsite Forum question

Here’s another a few more, you get the gist now?

Festival & Motorbike Forum asking question

So clearly, there is a problem finding good quality gazebos.  You can see above that these particular people are needing them for varying reasons, although they are equally effective to be used for many other events.

The main problem is

This type of temporary structure can vary in strength and stability from product to product, causing uncertainty with buyers and many often tempted by the cheaper option….


Gazebo being blown away


So what do people do?

They jump straight to google and do the search I’ve just done.

Well don’t worry, I can help…..

This guide has been specifically written to eliminate all the poor quality ones and put you on the right path to buying the most suitable, as well as being strong enough to survive the duration of your event.

The 4 Top Rated Gazebos

There are plenty out there that can cater for every budget, however, there are some good ones also available at the lower priced end of the market.  This is where this guide will come in helpful.

Below are the gazebos that made it onto my 4 best gazebos of 2017.

 1. All Seasons Gazebo 3×3 – Top of the range

All Seasons Gazebo 3x3


This blue 3×3 All Seasons gazebo looks great, doesn’t it?  Good thing is, there are lots more colours to choose from and all of them look very stylish and have a real good quality feel to the fabric.

Which is important….

So what do you get when you buy?


What’s in the box?

what is in the box

  • Reinforced pop up frame
  • Fully waterproof canopy & sides
  • Your chosen colour
  • Carry bag with wheels
  • Weight bags for support
  • Guy ropes & pegs


Everything that arrives in the box is enough to have a complete pop up gazebo that is suitable to withstand very turbulent weather conditions.

It is also very versatile and can be adapted to differing sized areas as well as being able to remove the sides or add the sides as required.

What’s so good about it?

It’s Waterproof

If you’re looking to hold an event or a party and have concerns about the weather conditions, then worry no more.  This strong and resilient gazebo can withstand some very harsh weather conditions as long as it is properly built with all its parts in use.

One thing you can rely on is its effectiveness at keeping you dry.  Check out the video below, it’s not exactly exciting but it shows this particular gazebo in action in very heavy rain.

So that’s the waterproofing sorted.

It’s so simple to build

The term ‘Pop up’ means exactly that.  There is no assembly of the frame, it’s purely a matter of ideally having 1 person in each corner that gently lift the leg off the floor and then walk backwards.

Easy To Build

Here’s another video to explain the simpleness of the erection.

Quality Fabric

The excellent quality feel of the fabric is a massive plus.  Quite often this can be the last thing on a manufacturers list of importance.

However, with every All Seasons gazebo that can be bought, you will find that their fabric is of the highest quality and is also pretty thick which also ensures strength and durability.

The thickness of the material will also protect you better in high winds.  Quite often the problem with other types of gazebos that are made from thinner fabric is that the guy ropes rip the metal eyes from the fabric that they are connected to, easily resulting in damage.

Canopy & Legs

The canopy area and the legs are the main bearers of the wind and rain that you will encounter.  Should these areas be compromised either by the manufacturer not paying enough attention to this or, incorrect setup then it can quickly be ‘game over’ once the gazebo encounters torrid weather conditions.

Cross brace roofing

Check out the image below with a shot of the thick legs too.

Reinforced legs and roof

What events can it be used it for?

That’s pretty much up to you.  This item is very strong and measures 3×3, therefore if you have the room for it then it will be suitable.

Here are a few suitable events

  1. Home Garden Use
  2. Camping (Need Permission From Site 1st)
  3. Hot Tub Canopy
  4. Kids or Adult Party
  5. Wedding/Christening
  6. Market Stall
  7. Exhibition (Dog Show, etc)
  8. Fundraising events
  9. Lots more…..

Good things about owning the All Seasons 3×3 gazebo are:

Main Features Include:

All Seasons 3x3 gazebo in beige with sides removed

  • All Purpose, Heavy duty Gazebo to withstand Mother Nature
  • Waterproof canopy & sides ensuring wet weather won’t wash out your event
  • Strong, reinforced and extra thick concertina frame offers extra sturdiness
  • Choose your own colour from the wide selection available
  • All Gazebos come with 1-year warranty
  • Durable and easy-to-clean fabric which helps towards longevity
  • Variable height settings for easy setup and custom height choice
  • Removable canopy & sides to enable versatility of occasion and differing functionality
  • Range of sizes and custom packages to choose from
  • Package includes everything you need to fully construct your pop up gazebo
  • Quite heavy when carrying to location. Depending on the size you buy they weigh from 15kgs (smallest size, 2×2) upwards
  • Requires a minimum of 3, ideally 4 people to construct it
  • Ensure you have room in your boot, as quite sizable when transporting




9.5 Total Score
Problem Solved

I've reviewed 4 different types of pop up gazebos and believe I've got your problem sorted. If you don't need a 3x3 gazebo then generally the same firms do sell smaller and bigger versions. Enjoy your event

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